highland fling

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Highland fling

A lively folk dance originating in the Highlands of Scotland.

Highland fling

(Dancing) a vigorous Scottish solo dance



v. flung, fling•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to throw or cast with force, violence, or abandon.
2. to move (oneself) violently or abruptly: She flung herself angrily from the room.
3. to put or send suddenly or without preparation: to fling someone into jail.
4. to project or speak sharply or aggressively.
5. to involve (oneself) vigorously in an undertaking.
6. to move, do, or say quickly.
7. to throw aside or off.
8. to move with haste or violence.
9. to fly into violent and irregular motions, as a horse.
10. to speak harshly or abusively (usu. fol. by out).
11. an act or instance of flinging.
12. a short period of unrestrained pursuit of one's desires.
13. an attempt at something: to have a fling at playwriting.
14. a lively Scottish dance.
[1250–1300; Middle English]
fling′er, n.
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Noun1.Highland fling - a vigorous Scottish reelhighland fling - a vigorous Scottish reel    
Scottish reel, reel - a lively dance of Scottish Highlanders; marked by circular moves and gliding steps
References in classic literature ?
I'll answer by doing the Highland fling or the sailor's hornpipe; and you -- well, let me see -- oh, I've got it -- you can do Hamlet's soliloquy.
So Rose sat in state enjoying herself very much, for the lads proceeded to dance a Highland Fling with a spirit and skill that made her clap her hands and laugh as she had not done for weeks.
WHW race director Ian Beattie said: "Credit for an ultra running boom in Scotland must go to Murdo MacDonald, who used to be the race director of the Highland Fling.
Then, wrapped in each other's arms, they leapt off the Highland Fling Bungee platform at Killiecrankie in full wedding attire.
Shops are aplenty and I virtually did the Highland fling when I discovered Lakeland and Boots in the City Centre Bahrain mall.
No the wonder we're keen to have a Highland fling at home this Spring.
Called Knees Up, Mother Brown, the "Cockney dance", popular in London since the 1860s, was "a mixture of the Can-Can, the Cakewalk, the Highland Fling and an Irish Jig".
SAM Wylie-Harris rounds up the best wee drams to celebrate St Andrew's Day (November 30) HIGHLAND FLING THE northern Highlands are home to rare vintage malts such as Balblair Vintage 1999 2nd Release Highland Single Malt (PS69, 70cl, www.
The show's chief and co-judge Cowell, 54, had hired a hunky male group called Highland Fling, to dance for the singer, who recently turned 31, as a surprise birthday gift during the auditions in Edinburgh, the Daily Star reported.
OLYMPIC LEGACY 3 days 22 March PS189 HIGHLAND FLING 5 days 25 March PS233 SPRINGTIME IN SCOTLAND 5 days 28 March PS279 "He's not going to be coming to QPR is he?
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