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Adj.1.highly-developed - (used of societies) having high industrial development; "developed countries"
industrial - having highly developed industries; "the industrial revolution"; "an industrial nation"
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I have known young ladies, much better educated, and with an outward world diversified by instructive lectures, to say nothing of literature and highly-developed fancy-work, who have spun a cocoon of visionary joys and sorrows for themselves, just as Penny did.
There is a vitally important difference between establishing (or rather reestablishing) democracy in highly-developed, self-aware, and united nations, as in these cases, and having to build democracy and the nation at one and the same time, as in Iraq.
In highly-developed towns, both suburban and urban, industrial landlords are finding it increasingly difficult to attract users to their older facilities.
Addressing the urgent need for the new program, Professor Howard stated, "With the flattening of organizations, there's a clear demand for highly-developed decision-making skills, and not just at the top.