highway robbery

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highway robbery

1. Robbery usually of travelers on or near a public road.
2. Informal The exaction of an exorbitantly high price or fee.

highway robber n.

highway robbery

informal blatant overcharging

high′way rob′bery

1. robbery committed on a highway against travelers, as by a highwayman.
2. a price or fee that is unreasonably high; exorbitant charge.
high′way rob′ber, n.
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Noun1.highway robbery - an exorbitant price; "what they are asking for gas these days is highway robbery"
price, terms, damage - the amount of money needed to purchase something; "the price of gasoline"; "he got his new car on excellent terms"; "how much is the damage?"
2.highway robbery - robbery of travellers on or near a public road
robbery - larceny by threat of violence
References in classic literature ?
Don Quixote smiled when he heard these words, and said very calmly, "Come now, base, ill-born brood; call ye it highway robbery to give freedom to those in bondage, to release the captives, to succour the miserable, to raise up the fallen, to relieve the needy?
It is said that Mirabeau took to highway robbery "to ascertain what degree of resolution was necessary in order to place one's self in formal opposition to the most sacred laws of society.
such things have happened in our business before--a present besides for putting him out to a farmer, or sending him to sea, so that he might never turn up to disgrace his parents, supposing him to be a natural boy, as many of our boys are --damme, if that villain of a Nickleby don't collar him in open day, and commit as good as highway robbery upon my pocket.
Murder, manslaughter, arson, forgery, swindling, house- breaking, highway robbery, larceny, conspiracy, fraud?
When Birmingham is doing its best to attract visitors and tourists, this highway robbery sends out all the wrong signals.
Motorists should be put in the picture so we can end this highway robbery.
They have my support totally as this carbuncle of a government are using legalised highway robbery with their pensions to rob them.
The leaders of the CAC speaking on the occasion said that heinous crimes including highway robbery, theft, kidnapping for ransom and others were on rise and relevant departments were not paying attention to bring criminal mafia to justice.
The 9-2 about Dick Turpin earlier in the week looked each-way highway robbery, but Canford should win.
Mohammad Jabar, said they had not received any reports of highway robbery so far.
In a similar incident some unidentified burglars in highway robbery deprived a merchant Shah Mir Bux near the jurisdiction of Sohrab Goth police station with Rs.
As many as 191 armed services soldiers returning from Al-Abr area in Sa'ada have established numerous checkpoints and begun practicing highway robbery.

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