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Slim and I hiked out to a neck of woods just beyond town, and there was the push, a score of husky hobos, charmingly located on the bank of a little purling stream.
The governmnet of India on Saturday hiked the cooking gas cylinder price by Rs.
But the bankers, who have hiked their lending rates recently, are not in a mood to effect another rate hike immediately after the RBI's policy rate hike.
Henderson hiked every trail included in her book, sometimes in the company of children.
Using area freeways as marking points, Klemic has mapped out all the access spots she has hiked from.
Dow also hiked polycarbonate 4 cents/lb on March 1.
I climbed a 14,000-foot pass and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.
In response, d'Amboise taught his hosts his signature "Trail Dance" that he'd taught to various groups as he hiked along the trail.
I took my truck as far as I could go, and then hiked with nay tent, stove, food, water, sleeping bag, clothes, tripod, my camera and film.
Karen Pavlicin has hiked throughout the United States and in nine other countries.
AIR TRAVEL may become dearer as airlines are contemplating another round of fare hike after state- owned oil firms on Saturday hiked jet fuel price by two per cent on Saturday for the seventh time since October this year.