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 (hĭ-lâr′ē-əs, -lăr′-, hī-)
Characterized by or causing great merriment.

[Latin hilaris, cheerful; see hilarity + -ious.]

hi·lar′i·ous·ly adv.
hi·lar′i·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.hilariously - in a hilarious mannerhilariously - in a hilarious manner; "hilariously funny"
بِمَرَحٍ صاخِب
komisktmeget morsomt
á stórskemmtilegan hátt
neşe ilesevinçle


[hɪˈlɛərɪəslɪ] ADV [speak, describe] → con mucha gracia
it was hilariously funnyfue para morirse de risa


[hɪˈlɛəriəsli] adv
hilariously funny → absolument hilarant(e)


adv talksehr amüsant; juxtaposed, mixed upauf komische Weise; disguised, dressed upurkomisch (inf); hilariously funnyzum Schreien (inf), → irrsinnig komisch (inf); hilariously old-fashionedso altmodisch, dass es zum Schreien ist


(hiˈleəriəs) adjective
very funny. a hilarious comedy.
hiˈlariously adverb
hiˈlarity (-ˈlӕ-) noun
amusement; laughter.
References in classic literature ?
How cheerily, how hilariously, O my Captain, would we bowl on our way to see old Nantucket again
When he came out again it was in company with a very stout gentleman in shirt sleeves and an apron, clasping Jonas by both hands and laughing hilariously.
By midnight everybody was fagged out, and sore with laughing; and, as a rule, drunk: some weepingly, some affectionately, some hilariously, some quarrel- somely, some dead and under the table.
I say,' said the Editor hilariously, `these chaps here say you have been travelling into the middle of next week
Why even Jink might hit that sort of bird," cried Sir Howard, hilariously slapping his host on the back.
Skimpole went to the piano and rattled hilariously that the best of all ways to lengthen our days was to steal a few hours from night, my dear
He was a little flushed, and in the mood to answer hilariously whatever was said to him.
Captain Van Horn was hilariously vocal of his praise, calling Jerry to him and giving him man-thumps of joyful admiration.
During the Water Front Strike, Freddie Drummond was somehow able to stand apart from the unique combination, and, coldly critical, watch Bill Totts hilariously slug scab longshoremen.
He clad his soul in armor by means of happening hilariously in at a mission church where a man composed his sermons of "yous.
but the meeting broke up hilariously enough, and a dozen happy ladies dispersed to their homes.
Dear Los Angeles homosexuals and others in the audience," wrote the 44-year-old former Miss Florida, who rose to fame as the hilariously shallow Suzanne Sugarbaker on the sitcom Designing Women, "I am so sorry that I cannot be with you tonight.