hind wing

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hind′ wing′

one of the second, or posterior, wings of an insect.
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Hind wing 10-11x as long as wide; marginal cilia about as long as to slightly longer than width of wing.
5cm long and could be the remnants of an ancestral hind wing, reports New Scientist.
Identified by two silvery pearls on the underside of its hind wing,it lives around woodland clearings and can be seen at over a dozen sites in Conwy,including Llyn Crafnant and Llyn Geirionydd.
Hind wing about 10x as long as wide; marginal cilia very slightly shorter than width of wing.
BULLETIN BOARD: SNVH) announced today that it would begin distributing and selling its Today(R) Sponge non-hormonal contraceptive product in Hong Kong and Macau through Hind Wing Co, Ltd.
In his comprehensive review of New World Typhlocybinae, Young (1952) treated Empoascini as a junior synonym of Typhlocybini but Mahmood & Ahmed (1968) included the genera of Empoasca complex in the tribe Empoascini, and Dworakowska (1979) further refined the definition of Empoascini to accommodate genera lacking an appendix of the forewing and having the submarginal vein in the hind wing reaching but not exceeding the vein RP+MP' or RP (Dworakowska 1979).
Hind wing with nervellus strongly reclivous, slanted at about 45[degrees].
Apex of fore wing reaching third abdominal segment; hind wing reaching third abdominal segment (Fig.
The color pattern of both the forewing and the hind wing on the ventral surface is markedly covered by bright yellow spots, a feature lacking in any other Thespieus except T.
The spots can appear eerily lifelike; Sandved says he has found moths with eye designs that actually seem to blink when a hind wing eclipses a front wing.
Aethiocampa is characterized by absence of the crossvein Rs+M and a very long, petiolate anal cell (1A) of the hind wing (Fig.