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 (rŏm′bĕn-sĕf′ə-lŏn′, -lən)
The hindbrain.

rhom′ben·ce·phal′ic (-sə-făl′ĭk) adj.


n, pl -la (-lə)
(Anatomy) the part of the brain that develops from the posterior portion of the embryonic neural tube and comprises the cerebellum, pons, and the medulla oblongata. Nontechnical name: hindbrain Compare mesencephalon, prosencephalon
[C20: from rhombus + encephalon]


(ˌrɒm bɛnˈsɛf əˌlɒn, -lən)

n., pl. -lons, -la (-lə)
the hindbrain.
[1895–1900; < German; see rhomb, encephalon]
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Noun1.rhombencephalon - the posterior portion of the brain including cerebellum and brainstem
neural structure - a structure that is part of the nervous system
brain, encephalon - that part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skull; continuous with the spinal cord
metencephalon - the part of the hindbrain that develops into the pons and the cerebellum
cerebellum - a major division of the vertebrate brain; situated above the medulla oblongata and beneath the cerebrum in humans
myelencephalon - the posterior part of the hindbrain in developing vertebrates; forms the medulla oblongata in adults