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1. A small roofed structure projecting outward on a larger sloping roof.
2. A window set in such a structure.

[Obsolete French dormeor, sleeping room, from dormir, to sleep; see dormant.]


(Architecture) a construction with a gable roof and a window at its outer end that projects from a sloping roof. Also called: dormer window
[C16: from Old French dormoir, from Latin dormītōrium dormitory]


(ˈdɔr mər)

1. Also called dor′mer win′dow. a vertical window in a projection built out from a sloping roof.
2. the entire projecting structure.
[1585–95; < Middle French dormoir dormitory]
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Noun1.dormer - a gabled extension built out from a sloping roof to accommodate a vertical windowdormer - a gabled extension built out from a sloping roof to accommodate a vertical window
window - a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air


[ˈdɔːməʳ] N (also dormer window) → buhardilla f, lucerna f


[ˈdɔːrr] n (also dormer window) → lucarne f

dormer (window)


[ˈdɔːməʳ] n (also dormer window) → abbaino
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There is also an unpretentious look to the whole house with its subtle hipped roofs and rows of pretty hipped dormers, set off by big plain chimney stacks.
The architectural details include gazebo rooms, hipped dormers and porthole windows, as well as a newly designed widow's walk deck which will give more homes dramatic river views.