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also hip·py  (hĭp′ē)
n. pl. hip·pies
A member of a counterculture originating in the United States in the 1960s, typically characterized by unconventional dress and behavior, communal or transient lifestyles, opposition to war, and liberal attitudes toward sexuality and the use of marijuana and psychedelic drugs.

[From hip.]

hip′pie·dom n.


a variant spelling of hippy1


or hip•py

(ˈhɪp i)

n., pl. -pies.
a young person of the 1960s who rejected established social mores, advocated spontaneity, free expression of love and the expanding of consciousness, often wore long hair and unconventional clothes, and used psychedelic drugs.
any person resembling a hippie of the 1960s in attitude, dress, and behavior.
[1960–65, Amer.; hip4 + -ie]
hip′pie•dom, n.
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Noun1.hippie - someone who rejects the established culturehippie - someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle
flower people, hippies, hipsters - a youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s; advocated universal love and peace and communes and long hair and soft drugs; favored acid rock and progressive rock music
crusader, meliorist, reformer, reformist, social reformer - a disputant who advocates reform
genç kalenderhipihippi
dân híp-pi


hippy nhippie mf


hippy [ˈhɪpɪ] nhippy m/f inv



(ˈhipi) plural ˈhippies noun, adjective
(of) a usually young person who does not wish to live by the normal rules of society and who shows his rejection of these rules by his unusual clothes, habits etc. The farm cottage was bought by a group of young hippies; (also adjective) hippy clothes.


هَيْبِيز hippie hippie Hippie χίπης hippy hippi baba cool hipi hippy ヒッピー 히피 hippie hippie hipis hippie хиппи hippie พวกฮิปปี้ hippi dân híp-pi 嬉皮士
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Jude Law's ex opted for long brown locks and bare feet to complete the hippie look in a North London park.
Witnesses said that all of the people aboard the barge moved to one side as it neared Hippie Hollow, creating uneven distribution and making it tilt.
But peel back the hippie decor and the NORML lawyers' rationalizations seem quite at home in 80s Washington.
Two Old Hippies is headquartered in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and consists of two divisions: premium acoustic guitar brands Bedell and Great Divide, and lifestyle apparel.
Klein, now 60, spent over five years in Asia, much of it on the hippie trail.
The pair were in Trafalgar Square, London, filming for upcoming flick Hippie Hippie Shake.
Earth Day weekend is also great time for the real hippies to come out and see some of the original Merry Pranksters, who helped spread the idea Eugene was hippie haven to begin with, will put on a show at the WOW Hall.
When you're done, try to figure out just how the good ol' boys and the hippies, two American tribes who were supposed to be sworn enemies, wound up flocking to such similar movies.
NYSE: BKS), the world's largest bookseller, announced today that Hippie by Barry Miles ($24.
3, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The Golden Hippie (aka Marissa Jack) makes a grand entrance onto the world stage this week with her feature on "Art Official Cage," the lead track on Prince's album, Art Official Age, out this week.
But Matthew Williamson's bash at the new Bungalow 8 was a good place for the Hippie Hippie Shake actress to add fuel to the rumours of a romance with Rhys Ifans.