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Noun1.hippoboscid - bloodsucking dipterous fly parasitic on birds and mammalshippoboscid - bloodsucking dipterous fly parasitic on birds and mammals
dipteran, dipteron, dipterous insect, two-winged insects - insects having usually a single pair of functional wings (anterior pair) with the posterior pair reduced to small knobbed structures and mouth parts adapted for sucking or lapping or piercing
family Hippoboscidae, Hippoboscidae - winged or wingless dipterans: louse flies
Hippobosca equina, horse tick, horsefly - winged fly parasitic on horses
Melophagus Ovinus, sheep ked, sheep tick, sheep-tick - wingless fly that is an external parasite on sheep and cattle
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Based on morphological characteristics, mites recovered from samples of formalinfixed skin in 4 birds were identified as Microlichus americanus, an epidermoptid mite infrequently reported from wild birds and hippoboscid flies.
Vectors commonly known to transmit haemoparasites to birds include mosquitos (Culicidae), black flies (Simuliidae), biting midges (Ceratopogonidae), and Hippoboscid flies (Hippoboscidae), which are widely distributed geographically (Lee et al.
2003) documented parasitic lice on lark sparrows in Nebraska (Brueelia angustifrons) and Costa Rica (Machaerilaemus laticorpus), and McClure (1984, 1987, 1989) reported hippoboscid flies (Ornithoica vicina)and mites(Neoshoengastia americana, Proctophyllodes) on lark sparrows in California.