hired man

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Noun1.hired man - a hired laborer on a farm or ranchhired man - a hired laborer on a farm or ranch; "the hired hand fixed the railing"; "a ranch hand"
farm worker, farmhand, field hand, fieldhand - a hired hand on a farm
drover, herdsman, herder - someone who drives a herd
laborer, labourer, manual laborer, jack - someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor
ranch hand - a hired hand on a ranch
hostler, ostler, stableboy, stableman, groom - someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses
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It's the old man talkin' to some hobo of a hired man that wants to marry his daughter.
An' I'll be the old geezer sayin' them same words to the hired man," Billy carried the fancy along.
The hauling was not over till mid-day, and as the lumber was to be delivered to Andrew Hale, the Starkfield builder, it was really easier for Ethan to send Jotham Powell, the hired man, back to the farm on foot, and drive the load down to the village himself.
They were the preliminaries of the general removal, the passing of the empty waggons and teams to fetch the goods of the migrating families; for it was always by the vehicle of the farmer who required his services that the hired man was conveyed to his destination.
I am not a hired man, or a workman, Christie," said her father sharply.
I've been real worried about him, but he's some better this while back and we've got a good hired man, so I'm hoping he'll kind of rest and pick up.
Long ago, just after we moved into this house, we had a married hired man for a little while, and his wife had a baby here.
The solitary hired man on a farm in the outskirts of Concord, who has had his second birth and peculiar religious experience, and is driven as he believes into the silent gravity and exclusiveness by his faith, may think it is not true; but Zoroaster, thousands of years ago, travelled the same road and had the same experience; but he, being wise, knew it to be universal, and treated his neighbors accordingly, and is even said to have invented and established worship among men.
But Shawn took the matter further by sending a hired man to injure Nancy at a practice session.
His novels include The Hired Man , Grace and Mary , Now is the Time , Without a City Wall and The Soldiers Return.
Amanitta Forna, the award-winning author of novels like The Hired Man, The Memory of Love, Ancestor Stones, The Devil that Danced on the Water .
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