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(isˌpɑ niˈðɑð)

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Lors d'une ceremonie organisee en son nouveau siege a Alger, a l'occasion de la fete nationale de l'Espagne [beaucoup moins que] Hispanidad [beaucoup plus grand que], en presence de l'ambassadeur d'Espagne en Algerie, Alejandro Polanco Mata, le president du CCIAE, Djaoued Allal, a souligne que [beaucoup moins que] l'Espagne et l'Algerie sont aujourd'hui deux partenaires economiques solides.
That's what he did indeed do in the name of Spanishness - Hispanidad.
From the very centre of the capital, the Embassy has since managed to offer Macedonian citizens many opportunities for tasting the flavour of Spanish culture, such as flamenco, classical and contemporary music, painting, cinematography, photography, sports, gastronomy and literature as aspects of the Hispanidad.
Se trataria asi, no de una negacion o ruptura de lo que algunos consideran codigo hegemonico eurocentrico, sino de todo lo contrario: la "defensa e ilustracion de la hispanidad criolla" (733) en palabras de Lavalle.
As Monterde contends, the Spanish cinema of the time was all about establishing the basis for Hispanidad according to the dominant ideology (212-13).
Its policy emphasizes the concept of Hispanidad, a mixture of linguistic, religious, ethnic, cultural, and historical ties binding Spanish-speaking America to Spain.
Discovery of America celebrations: Descubrimiento de America (Mexico), Dia de la Hispanidad (Spain), Dia de las Americas (Uruguay), Dia de las Culturas (Costa Rica), Dia de la Resistencia Indigena (Venezuela), Discovery Day (Bahamas), Dia de la Raza (Latin America)
PROFESSIONAL POSTTION: Senior account executive, Hispanidad, a Denver marketing and advertising agency
Finchelstein analyzes the nacionalistas' stance on a wide range of topics, including the Spanish Civil War, the place of Jews in Argentine society, Anglo-American influence in the Southern Cone, and hispanidad (the Spanish quality of Latin American culture).
Romulo Carbia, Historia de la Leyenda Negra Hispanoamericana, Madrid, Consejo de la Hispanidad, 1944, p.
San Pedro de Montes de Oca, 100 al Este y 200 Norte de la Fuente de la Hispanidad.
As a result of these experiences, Salaverria wrote several travel books, among which the ones dedicated to Argentina stand out because in them he developed his theory of Hispanidad and applied his concept of individual willpower to the nation.