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 (hĭs′pə-nĭz′əm) or His·pan·i·cism (hĭ-spăn′ĭ-sĭz′əm)
1. Esteem for or promotion of Spanish culture or traditions.
2. A Spanish word, phrase, or linguistic feature occurring in another language.


a Spanish turn of phrase


(ˈhɪs pəˌnɪz əm)

n. (often cap.)
1. a movement in Latin America for the promotion of Spanish or of native culture and influence.
2. a word, phrase, feature, etc., associated with Spain or Latin America.


[ˈhɪspənɪzəm] Nhispanismo m
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For her work, Estrade called her a 'Philippiniste' in the sphere of Hispanism and Latino-americanism.
Todo comenzo con la lectura de Seven Thesis against Hispanism en Columbia University, en Hofstra University y mas tarde en una serie de ciudades desde Rio de Janeiro hasta la mismisima Salamanca, en 2004.
Donald Shaw's passing truly marks the end of an era for many of us in Hispanism.
Infrapolitical Literature: Hispanism and the Border.
2) Tal es el caso del olvido, por ejemplo, de las celebres notas al pie que incluye Roberto Arlt en sus novelas Los siete locos y Los Lanzallamas, cuando se senala que Borges fue "the first fictional writer in Hispanism to use footnotes" (44).
137 where Rizal bitterly declared: "The smallness of the advancement that the Filipinos have made in three centuries of Hispanism is all due, (in my opinion) to the fact that our talented men have died without bequeathing to us nothing more than the fame of their names XXX There is then individual progress or improvement in the Philippines, but there is no national, general progress.
Discursive resistance by intellectuals in the Dominican Republic during the US occupation (1916-1924): nationalism, anti--imperialism and hispanism
Partial contents: "Cultural Hierarchies and the Global Canon: German Hispanism, Translation and Gender in the Nineteenth Century," by Carol Tully; "Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism and Woman's Education: The European Dimension of Sophie von La Roche's Journal Pomona fur Teutschlands Tochte (1783-84)," by Elystan Griffiths; "Lekture-Ubersetzung-Vermittlung.
But I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to express our collective debt of gratitude to Tom for all that he did for Hispanism and, particularly, for the world of Cervantes scholarship.
In her presentation, "Between Tourism and Pilgrimage: Women Hispanists in Spain during the Fin de Siecle," Alba del Pozo (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) addressed the shaping of the early American Hispanism and the essential role played by intellectual women in this process.
Spain as a reference and Hispanism as an ideology are cohesion vectors in a multiethnic and catholic Peruvian society.
His work has made a fascinating and influential medieval story more accessible not only to specialists but also to scholars working in other fields of Hispanism and medieval studies as well as graduate and advanced undergraduate students.