hissy fit

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his·sy fit

n. Chiefly Southern and South Midland US

[From hissy.]

hissy fit



informal a childish temper tantrum
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HE came, he saw, he ate a few nasties without having a hissy fit, he wiped the floor with The Only Way Is Essex "star" Mark Wright (who?
The teen sensation claimed six surf boards, including best comedy TV show ('Hannah Montana'), comedy actress, music/dance movie actress, hissy fit, music single ('The Climb') and summer song ('Before the Storm').
Meanwhile, Lauren starts to warm to Gaz, but Rae throws a hissy fit when she is told she'll have to work with Newt at Relish.
Hissy Fit Ffos Las acclaim The biggest success story of 2009 has surely got to be Ffos Las.
Baldasaro threw the aforementioned hissy fit, and eventually the photos were taken down from Facebook.
SHARON Osbourne threw a hissy fit after airport security workers asked her to put her toiletries in a see-through bag, it was alleged yesterday.
One rider threw what could only be termed a hissy fit when he picked himself up and realized that the mount that had thrown him had also trampled his hat for good measure.
FASHION DESIGNER KARL LAGERFELD He threw a hissy fit when H&M enlarged his latest range to fit the average British female -- size 14 -16.
The pictures of David Beckham having a hissy fit because he was being photographed annoyed me.
But when people said they wouldn't move she had a hissy fit and started screaming during the film and then refused to move.
SO Russell Brand has taken a hissy fit over innocent questions by Graham Norton about his personal life and the failure of his marriage to Katy Perry.
I get the impression that many modern footballers are not that bothered whether they play or not, and some of those who are bothered feel an appropriate way to show disappointment is to throw a hissy fit and take their ball home.