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Rocker Shaun Ryder, left, threw a hissy fit and insisted his testicle problem makes physical exercise impossible.
C Weir, East Kilbride IN RESPONSE to Neil Graham from Lanark having a hissy fit about MSP Angus McNeil referring to the England rugby team as "them 13", can I ask when did "them 13" suddenly become a racist phrase?
Well, all I can say is that if Reggie had popped up in my loo, the words hissy fit wouldn't begin to cover it
And after applauding for her appointment, according to sources close to him, he then threw a hissy fit and tried to delay her appointment.
I do hope Prince Harry and Meghan have been watching - because it will put his little hissy fit about their romance into perspective.
Usually, the excuse is they want to appeal to "middle England", but now a lot of Corbyn's support is from that section so l can't think why the Blairites are having a hissy fit.
I myself, for instance, threw a hissy fit that lasted about a fortnight after production was shifted, but was lured back when I scoffed my first sausage sandwich.
This should be called the phone call of doom - I guess, taking into account the events that follow, it's not strictly true that I never cry, more like I throw a hissy fit when I don't get what I want.
Before anyone throws a hissy fit about "racism" - whatever that may be - this has nothing to do with her ethnicity.
At the end of the day, there is always going to be the odd person that throws this massive hissy fit and everyone goes, 'Oh my God' and there are thousands of people over the years who have auditioned and just because this one person can't control their temper, throws a bit of a fit, I don't think it's a reason for everyone to go, 'Oh my God, you've got to think about their emotions'.
Hissy Fit Ffos Las acclaim The biggest success story of 2009 has surely got to be Ffos Las.
The teen sensation claimed six surf boards, including best comedy TV show ('Hannah Montana'), comedy actress, music/dance movie actress, hissy fit, music single ('The Climb') and summer song ('Before the Storm').