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The tissue biopsy is sent to the histotechnician and histologist for preparation prior to study by the pathologist.
According to Anusuya Chinsamy of the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa, the bone histologist on the team, "Just like modern hens, female Confuciusornis birds that lived 125 million years ago deposited this special bone inside their long bones, and then used it to make the calcium-rich eggshells.
Following the move to Dijon, many of Noirot's morphological studies of the gut and tegumental glands were in collaboration with his wife, the histologist Cecile Noirot-Timothee (e.
In 2006, Buesa (5) reported results from a survey on the productivity of 163 US laboratories and found that a histologist could process 8600 blocks to stained glass slides per year.
A dedicated histologist was present at all biopsies to confirm that an adequate number of glomeruli were present in the biopsy specimen.
UP CLOSE : Trainee biomedical scientist Ravinder Bains and a biopsy taken from a patient's colon ANALYSE THIS: Histologist Debbie Smith (left) and heathcare assistant Wendy Catchpole get to the heart of the matter and (top) pathologist Dr David Snead
She worked as a histologist and medical technologist.
She graduated from Worcester Commerce High School and became a histologist working at St.
Dr Virginia Livingston-Wheeler worked with many distinguished scientists throughout her long career, including Dr Roy Allen, an expert microscopist and histologist.
In addition to testing pus samples or serologic analysis, biopsy specimens should be examined by a histologist, as recently proposed for patients with lymphadenopathy (8,38,39).
But Dr Leslie Davidson, a histologist from Leeds General Infirmary, said the levels were no more than average.
Lest you suspect fraud, you should know that the transformed host and wine, which had been kept in reliquaries since the eighth century and occasionally examined by experts, were last scientifically analysed in November 1970 by an histologist from the University of Arezzo who examined both substances microscopically.