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Historical authenticity; fact.


(Historical Terms) historical authenticity


(ˌhɪs təˈrɪs ɪ ti)

historical authenticity.


nGeschichtlichkeit f, → Historizität f
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Sticklers for objectivity and historicity that they are, though, Hickey and Wylie fault Rodney and Asante on grounds similar to those on which they challenge adherence to the old symbolic conventions -- the confusion of fantasy with reality, polemic with scholarship, and mythology with history.
This book cites his writing as a oworld of words,o with language that brings beauty, critical energy, historicity and semantic inexhaustibility and continues to be inhabited by thousands of people--readers playgoers, students and teachers, performers, filmmakers, composers.
The next three chapters explicate three of Jasper's central methodological concepts--communication, historicity, and boundary situations--which Miron introduces as "transition mechanisms.
Thus one might think one is avoiding docetism by attending to the human side of things (Jesus' humanity, a Christology from below, revelation's historicity, the human experience of faith, etc.
In her 1986 article, "Problems with Feminist Theory: Historicity and the Search for Sure Foundations," Sheila Greeve Davaney criticizes "feminist theologians across the theological spectrum," for claiming (or assuming) that feminist images and language reflect ontological truth, in distinct tension with the relativizing insights of historical consciousness (91).
Luxon commends that instead of preserving the historicity and literalism so integral to Protestantism, typology "emptied out" (51) the category of history, designating it as fiction.
SEK 238--This serious, well-researched study unearths the theme of historicity in Heidegger's writings; it regards this issue as belonging to the whole of his way of thinking and to the "matter" (Sache) of thinking defining his philosophy.
The exhibition, organized by Roland Groenenboom, provides the opportunity to judge whether Thek's art now has the historicity necessary to be more fully assessed and appreciated.
Editors Aymes, Gourisse, and Massicard present students, academics, and researchers with a collection of academic essays and scholarly articles examining the historicity of government practices in Turkey from the present, back to the late Ottoman Empire.
She does not include the vedic and vedantic context of the composition in the commentaries themselves, but explains them in the lengthy introduction, along with such other matters such as the nature of the text, date and historicity, authorship, themes, and the genealogical backdrop.
This study situates George Eliot's early novels within the 19th-century debates on the historicity of the Gospels and the significance of systematic theology.
I say this neither to make Barker a new historicist nor to claim a privilege for the new historicism, but rather to insist that a change of rubric does not dispel the complex historicity of discursive formations.