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Having an interesting history; storied: an ancient and historied land.


1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) literary recorded in history
2. (Art Terms) archaic decorated with historical scenes or images


(ˈhɪs tə rid, ˈhɪs trid)

having an illustrious past; storied: Italy is a richly historied land.
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Adj.1.historied - having an illustrious past
glorious - having or deserving or conferring glory; "a long and glorious career"; "our glorious literature"
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With more than 200 guests, almost all of whom flew into Paris for the much-awaited wedding, Kho and Belo sailed on the famous Seine at sundown with the historied architecture of Paris as a rich backdrop that was moving in a languorous pace.
It was evident too in a first half that went some way to dispelling the notion that this historied, decorated manager has no real notion of what he is trying to do with United.
You're on one of the most storied, most historied stages in America, and you're about to sing this really emotional, beautiful, peaceful song.
when it comes to the discussion of public participation, it is expected that costs associated with the restoration and improvement of the people and inhabitants of these species occure in tissues, while, in principle, tissue regeneration and protection of historied and culturel heritage values of ancient architecture, is a national issue.
Constitution, there is little discussion on our nation's historied state constitutions, (105) and scholars praise the competence and structural superiority of federal courts.
Sides were taken: the potentials afforded by proximity to the other party--of a convivial beer round the camp fire later that evening--were then foreclosed by this encounter as the meeting of differently historied bodies activated through the material production of "matter out of place" (Douglas, 2002, page 36).
See supra note 22 and accompanying text (recognizing qiyas as historied part of Sharia considerations).
Editor of Night Train Magazine, a historied journal respected as a propulsion board for flash fiction writers, Barnes's editorial taste is a leap from the flash pieces in his recent collection.
Worcester State University and Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital have a long and historied partnership that benefits the region.
We need to live empowered by our memories, to live for those of our friends who cannot, and therefore to embrace our historied body-selves in-relation as most fully human--as men and as gay men.
On diversity and incommensurability, see Joseph Margolis, Historied Thought, Constructed World: Conceptual Primer for the Turn of the Millennium (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1995), p.
This is not a two-dimensional caricature of an unhappy family; these people are painfully historied and complexly pictured and Small is a powerful teller of their stories.