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Noun1.history lesson - a lesson in the facts of history
lesson - a task assigned for individual study; "he did the lesson for today"
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Turner, who was the first victim, broke the news to his form that the headmaster would take them for Latin that day, and on the pretence that they might like to ask him a question or two so that they should not make perfect fools of themselves, spent the last quarter of an hour of the history lesson in construing for them the passage of Livy which had been set for the day; but when he rejoined his class and looked at the paper on which Mr.
A road trip to a family reunion turns into an insightful history lesson for a young girl.
This interesting history lesson includes commentary on the first folk art exhibition in this country in 1924, the importance of the WPA program, and Grandma Moses, whom the author calls the "first true living folk art celebrity.
Art for Dion is both academic--evoking a history lesson or a science project--and highly social; working in idiosyncratic ways, he reminds us how effective art can be when it collapses these varieties of experience.
Michael says the show is 'part detective story, part history lesson and part game show'.
Barnett would eventually like all teachers to share their Texas history lesson plans online.
SCHOOLCHILDREN got an open-air history lesson when famous figures from the past turned up at Kenilworth Castle for a Time Detectives event all last week.
But those companies that don't learn from this experience are missing out on this history lesson.
Stallings taught about great players from the former Soviet Union, throwing in a history lesson about communism and why it broke down.
With one foot out the door, Delossantos throws caution to the wind, taking his students through an extended history lesson that, in part, chronicles his family's flight from a Cuba on the brink of revolution to Miami and then on to Chicago.
Schoolchildren got a sky high history lesson when they walked over the Transporter Bridge.
This well-written story is enjoyable reading that also gives a good history lesson.