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Noun1.history lesson - a lesson in the facts of history
lesson - a task assigned for individual study; "he did the lesson for today"
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Turner, who was the first victim, broke the news to his form that the headmaster would take them for Latin that day, and on the pretence that they might like to ask him a question or two so that they should not make perfect fools of themselves, spent the last quarter of an hour of the history lesson in construing for them the passage of Livy which had been set for the day; but when he rejoined his class and looked at the paper on which Mr.
Still, it would have been nice if the FX mini had faced off against the season's other brilliantly acted history lesson, HBO's "Show Me a Hero.
My first history lesson involved the teacher saying over and over: "When was the Battle of Hastings?
DAN SNOW'S HISTORY OF THE WINTER OLYMPICS (BBC Two, Thursday, 9pm) DAN SNOW'S HISTORY OF THE WINTER OLYMPICS (BBC Two, Thursday, 9pm) THIS one-off documentary is a compelling mix of travelogue and history lesson as Dan Snow travels across nine countries to learn more about how the Winter Games took shape.
Willi Gets A History Lesson In Virginia's Historic Triangle
Part history lesson, part cautionary tale, and part scholarly dissection of the nuances of labor, capital, and changing perspectives within the discipline of economics, Railroading Economics is a welcome contribution to economics studies shelves.
Supreme Court has refused to review a controversy involving a California public school district's history lesson on Islam.
ROLE OF HONOUR: A Somme memorial is a fascinating history lesson
Mary Forcer visited Dyke House School in Hartlepool to take part in a living history lesson.
Greggs took the cake to New York Primary School, in North Shields and gave the children a short history lesson about the Battle of Trafalgar.
The author is a full-time history teacher so listeners get lots of authentic school scenes as well as the odd history lesson.
While the introductory and acceptance speeches were heartwarming, humorous, and personal, they provided a history lesson from the viewpoint of those whose leadership shaped the real estate finance industry over the last several decades.