hit the sack

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Verb1.hit the sack - prepare for sleephit the sack - prepare for sleep; "I usually turn in at midnight"; "He goes to bed at the crack of dawn"
bed down, bunk down - go to bed; "We bedded down at midnight"
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Nov 21 (ANI): Attention people, if you have a low sexual desire then here are some breakfast foods that may help you hit the sack as what we eat has a major influence on our sex drive.
We struggle to juggle the demands of work, kids and running a home and most of us are knackered and stressed when we finally hit the sack.
Never hit the sack without cleansing your face of makeup and accumulated dirt because they cause whiteheads and blackheads.
Hit the sack early--studies show a good night's sleep helps you remember what you read once the a.
They also enjoyed a spectacular campfire on the Saturday evening filled with tales and songs before they hit the sack for another day of adventure on Sunday.
If you're not ready to hit the sack after all of that, you can head over to the official after-party at 360, the night club at Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Hotel, hosted by Diplo and All Saints.
A Good Night's Sleep Finally once it's all over and time to hit the sack, you are still burning calories.
If you didn't want to hit the sack as midnight approached, you might - heaven forbid - even be tempted to read a book
To relieve stress over difficult situations or circumstances, many young people drink, take drugs, overeat, shop or hit the sack with their respective partners.
The BlueBlocker Sunglasses are designed to be worn a few hours before you hit the sack to prevent our brains from being deceived.