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coach, manager, handler - (sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
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ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan hockey coach on Tuesday blamed the government for the team failure to qualify for next years Olympics, saying lack of funds had badly hurt their preparations.
There would be no openings for Mr Raza as a hockey coach in Pakistan - it would be difficult for him to get such work.
New Delhi: Terry Walsh resigned as India's field hockey coach on Tuesday, less than three weeks after guiding the team to the Asian Games title, which earned them a direct entry to the 2016 Olympics.
Of the 24 boys' and eight girls' teams participating in the tournament; hardly three have a proper ground, let alone a specialised hockey coach.
e ch he BARBARA WILLIAMs the first female ice hockey coach in the NHL the New York Islanders in 1977.
Trev Alberts, UNO Director of Athletics announced on 11 April 2014 that hockey coach Dean Blais got a contract extension through the 2017-18 season.
Originally opened in 1995, the venue was dedicated in honor of Phyllis Ocker, a luminary at the university who served as a teacher, field hockey coach, and athletics administrator.
Dubai: Leading ice hockey coach Sean Skinner says more public ice rinks are needed in the UAE to spread the sport's appeal among its indigenous population.
Charlie's hockey coach has five golden rules and, according to him, the team needs to follow those rules if they want to play well.
Middlesbrough-born US hockey coach Michelle Simpson delighted pupils at Ings Farm Primary School, Redcar, by paying them a surprise visit on the Middlesbrough FC Foundation Health Bus.
Whether you are a youth hockey player, hockey coach, member of the Devils' Army or just a hockey fan in general, 50 Hockey Rules provides many valuable tips and insights into the game we all love.
London, September 13 ( ANI ): Justin Bieber's skating skills have impressed a minor league ice hockey coach so much that he offered a contract to the teen popstar for a tryout.