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 (hôg′băk′, hŏg′-)
A sharp ridge with steeply sloping sides, produced by erosion of the broken edges of highly tilted strata.


1. (Geological Science) Also called: hog's back a narrow ridge that consists of steeply inclined rock strata
2. (Archaeology) archaeol a Saxon or Scandinavian tomb with sloping sides


(ˈhɔgˌbæk, ˈhɒg-)

a long, sharply crested ridge usu. formed of steeply inclined strata that are especially resistant to erosion.


1. A Saxon or Viking tomb that curves down toward the ends and has sloping sides.
2. A long, narrow ridge that is steep on both sides.


A sharp ridge running along the top of a hill.
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Noun1.Hogback - a narrow ridge of hillshogback - a narrow ridge of hills    
ridgeline, ridge - a long narrow range of hills
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In November 2015, in the spirit of that partnership, Reclamation received a request from the three Navajo Nation Chapter Farm Boards that rely on irrigation water from the Hogback Canal to support a study to find and evaluate options for a secondary water source for the canal, in case water quality in the San Juan River again falls below acceptable standards.
Three were stocked near the Hogback Diversion on the San Juan River in 2004 or 2006 and one was stocked at the Shiprock Bridge in 2010.
The cathedral collection of stones includes inscribed pieces, cross shafts and hogback tomb markers.
I walked out onto a hogback deer love to bed on and stood still, just scanning the area for about a minute.
The area has some impressive archaeology, particularly on Wirral, including what appears to be weaponry from a Viking burial at Meols, two Viking hogback tombstones (at West Kirby and Bidston), some fantastic cross fragments at Neston (including a replica reconstruction showing the touching image of a Viking couple embracing) and evidence of two Viking houses at Irby and Lingham/Moreton.
The Hogback Stone will be taken from Govan Old Church in Glasgow to form part of a new exhibition called Vikings: Life and Legend.
I was on the summit of a near-vertical hogback ridge, far above timberline, in a whiteout.
The inspection showed that the remaining contaminated spots were concentrated at the river's right margin, between the Serra do Mar hogback and Eletropaulo's (electricity distribution company) transformation and transmission station.
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Price includes: return flights from Heathrow to New York, time to soak up those vivid fall colours, including a full-day tour through Vermont, taking in Quechee Gorge, quintessential Woodstock and Hogback Mountain.