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n. pl. hoki or hok·is
A marine fish (Macruronus novaezelandiae) of southwest Pacific waters, having a silvery-blue body with a tapering tail and often used for manufactured food products. Also called blue grenadier.



n, pl hoki
(Animals) an edible saltwater fish, Macruronus novaezeelandiae, of southern New Zealand waters
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S: Hoki Luk Western Bridge, LLC Tel: +1-646-808-9150 Email: hoki.
As per General Manager Sealord Fishing, Doug Paulin, decision to expend in the vessel is a reflection of Sealord s confidence in the sustainability of hoki and commitment to New Zealand based fishing operations.
The book was first published in Japanese in 1982 as a title in a 35-volume collection of educational studies published by Daiichi hoki publishers.
Sales of products containing white fish species such as pollock, hoki and basa increased 64% between 2005 and 2009, while overall sales share of products containing cod and haddock remained static over the period, at 23%.
It also gives you just the excuse you needed to trade up to the Hoki Koki 12000 you've had your eye on.
Tena koutou katoa, e mihi aroha tenei, kia koutou nga kai mahi, Neehi hoki o nga mahi Hauora, o te motu nei.
The soup dish was a consomme of New Zealand hoki, tomato and Ceylon tea with a herbed rice waffle.
That meant customers have been given the chance to sample hoki fish, a prime white fish from New Zealand.
This should be a terrific long-term investment for HOKI.
Shin Nippon Hoki Shuppan is Japan's leading provider of print-based legal information, and Thomson online information services include Westlaw(R), the number-one online research service for legal practitioners in the United States and other markets worldwide.
Despite the emergence on menus of fancy fish such as red snapper, hoki and shark, cod and haddock still account for 86 per cent of all meals.