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adj. hok·i·er, hok·i·est Slang
1. Mawkishly sentimental; corny.
2. Noticeably contrived; artificial.

hok′i·ly adv.
hok′i·ness, hok′ey·ness n.


in a hokey manner
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Some works, such as the hokily landscape-like Storm Front, adhere too closely to the pictorial, yet Zipt is an exception, flaunting its contours like curves through a skintight dress.
When the patriarch at his clinic's sponsoring firm - Lyon, LaCrosse and Levine (hence the title; good thing no partner was named Hornett or this would be even more hokily titled) - commits suicide (or did he?
To retain the personal perspective, they have Jane narrate her tale to us, addressing us somewhat hokily as "gentle audience.