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n. pl. hokku
A haiku.

[Japanese, initial stanza (having the form of a haiku) of a traditional Japanese collaborative poem, created by each poet composing a stanza in response to that of the previous poet : hotsu, to start, give rise to (from Middle Chinese puat; also the source of Mandarin ) + ku, phrase, haiku; see haiku.]


n, pl -ku
(Poetry) prosody another word for haiku
[from Japanese, from hok beginning + ku hemistich]


(ˈhɔ ku, ˈhɒk u)

n., pl. -ku.
1. the opening verse of a linked verse series.
2. haiku.
[1895–1900; < Japanese, =hok opening, first + ku stanza; earlier fot-ku < Middle Chinese, = Chinese depart + phrase]
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What do you do with your unused hokku after the renga party is
Basho Buson Hokku Soosakuin [Complete Collection of Hokku by Basho and Buson].
8) Hence the alternative name hokku ('initial stanza').