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 (hō-lăn′drĭk, hŏ-)
Relating to a trait encoded by a gene or genes specific to the Y-chromosome and therefore occurring only in males.


(hɒˈlændrɪk; həʊ-)
(Genetics) genetics carried or located on a Y-chromosome, therefore passed on genetically from father to son


(hɒˈlæn drɪk, hoʊ-)

of or pertaining to a heritable trait appearing only in males (opposed to hologynic).
[1925–30; hol- + Greek andrikós masculine =andr-, s. of anḗr man + -ikos -ic]
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The simplest and most immediately obvious case would be when we're interested in a holandric (Y-chromosome) fetal locus.
Male funnels: Two pairs of funnels, indicating holandric nature of this species, and not proandric as is stated by Beddard (1907: 281) and Michaelsen (1907: 8); the first pair much larger than second, both closely connected with seminal vesicle.
His finger landed on HOLANDRIC, a word I'd never heard of.
Holandric (male funnels in segments 10 and 11), enclosed or free, posterior pair usually smaller than anterior.