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Noun1.holding yard - a pen where livestock is temporarily confined
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
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Tenders are invited for Manual unloading of coal from loaded wagons and transportation of coal from YTPS holding yard to YTPS coal stack yard
They also said the government would construct a lorry brakes temperatures checking point and holding yard in Kibunja.
The works to be carried out include construction of three emergency runaway truck ramp, construction of lorry brakes temperature checking point and holding yard in Kibunja," the three said.
Described as a "mobile app that pushes your message immediately to mobile users in your town,'' cidewalk is pitched to mom-and-pop restaurants promoting daily specials and neighbors holding yard sales, to baby sitters advertising their services and real estate agents hosting open houses.
Moulton Paddocks was to be used as a holding yard for horses on the injured list or out of training.
Well Enhancement Services LLC (Oklahoma) operates from a rig barn and holding yard on the outskirts of Tulsa.
Robert Hughes of Lodge Uchaf Farm Trallwyn near Pwllheli surveys a ruined farm vehicle while wreckage continues to smoulder the day after the fire at Myfyr Mawr farm nr Dinas Iolo Jones from Rhosgoch Farm, Dinas inspects damage to his holding yard
They had made a list of all the things they would want if they were poor or homeless, and now they were filling it with money they had saved from their allowances and holding yard sales.
in Petersburg, NY and will be moved by the tree transplanting company, Environmental Design, to a holding yard in New Jersey where they will be maintained until their installation at the WTC site.
One of the hardest working and best paid (almost $10 per day) Afghanis I saw working in the holding yard was a 12-year-old boy who could interpret the documentation and run and fetch the right truck from among dozens standing by to move forward to the ready line.
that are bound for anywhere in Alberta end up ultimately being dispersed from the holding yard in this tiny town in the middle of the Canadian prairies.