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a. Land rented or leased from another.
b. often holdings Legally owned property, such as land, capital, or stocks.
2. holdings The collection of books and other reading materials at a library.
3. Law The part of a court opinion that announces how the law is being applied to the particular facts of the case and that may establish precedent for future similar cases.
4. Sports Illegal use of the arms, hands, body, or playing stick to obstruct the movements of an opponent.
1. Tending to impede or delay progress: a holding action.
2. Designed for usually short-term storage or retention: a holding tank; a holding cell.
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The effort he had made to extend his land holdings had been suc- cessful and there were few farms in the valley that did not belong to him, but until David came he was a bitterly disappointed man.
But as the long holdings fell in they were seldom again let to similar tenants, and were mostly pulled down, if not absolutely required by the farmer for his hands.
A few moor farmers have small holdings, where they rear sheep and cattle.
Would Trent be able to face settling-day without putting his vast holdings upon the market?
On the other hand, his holdings were reckoned as worth millions, and there were men so sanguine that they held the man a fool who coppered[6] any bet Daylight laid.
It occurred in the Solomons, where our wildest work had been done in the wild young days, and where we were once more-- principally on a holiday, incidentally to look after our holdings on Florida Island and to look over the pearling possibilities of the Mboli Pass.
Values were pitifully and inconceivably shrunken, and the trusts added hugely to their holdings, even extending their enterprises into many new fields-- and always at the expense of the middle class.
And when Tarwater sold his holdings to the Bowdie interests for a sheer half-million and faced for California, he rode a mule over a new-cut trail, with convenient road houses along the way, clear to the steamboat landing at Fort Yukon.
So by degrees, as they saved a little money, the waste land began to be broken up; spade husbandry and small holdings increased; so did the value of property on the mountain.
He could have matched gold, equipages, jewels, art treasures, estates and acres with any Croesus in this proud city of Manhattan, and scarcely have entered upon the bulk of his holdings.
Dear Sir,--We desire you to realize upon whatever portion of your vast holdings is necessary to obtain, IN CASH, twenty millions of dollars.
She stayed there, erect, holding to the banister rail and looking out calmly in the distance across the fields.