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or hol·lo·ware  (hŏl′ō-wâr′)
Items of usually metal tableware, such as bowls, pitchers, teapots, and trays, that serve as containers or receptacles.
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Noun1.holloware - silverware serving dishes
silverware - tableware made of silver or silver plate or pewter or stainless steel
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He became the first merchant in Lucca to import finished goods, stocking his shelves with ready-made jewellery from France, Switzerland and other parts of Italy, alongside cutlery and holloware made by the silversmiths of England.
Tenders are invited for supply of Cutlery and Holloware Items and Chaffing Dishes Electrrical/Electronics
Designer tableware and kitchenware manufacturer Sambonet and Rosenthal Porcelain will be exhibiting, jointly offering a full range of dinnerware, holloware and flatware designed for hotel and professional catering clients.
For May, Rustan's treats customers to special offers and wonderful discounts--including special discounts and promotions on items from dinnerware, holloware, kitchen accessories, bed and bath, home appliances, and Rusan's Filipiniana Our Very Own.
DeVere Group has also placed an order with Heritage for over 4,000 pieces of new silver cutlery and holloware as well as a complete new set of china for the hotel's famous afternoon tea service.
Our new in-store book provides concrete details on why we and our customers believe that SDJB is the best place to sell silver jewelry, sell silver coins, and sell sterling silverware, like flatware and holloware.
Established in 1902, Lunt's product range includes sterling and stainless steel flatware, holloware and gift-ware.
Then, when he returned home to South Africa, he and a friend who had a holloware company developed the current design.
The section for 'Adelphi Manufacturing: Filling and Packaging Machinery' includes automatic and semi-automatic filling machinery, while the 'Adelphi Coldstream: Process Equipment' section includes pharmaceutical quality stainless steel holloware in 316L grade, process vessels and mixers.
Robot cells can be configured to polish sanitary fittings, door furniture, holloware, orthopaedic implants, propellers, automotive veneered parts, office chair bases, stainless steel sinks, aluminium castings, tools, trade knives, alloy wheels and many other parts.
It features a subtly textured charcoal matte finish on the outside of each item, with a creamy gloss glaze on the surface of the plates and inside of the holloware pieces.