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Noun1.Holometabola - insects that undergo complete metamorphosisholometabola - insects that undergo complete metamorphosis
insect - small air-breathing arthropod
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Jacobiascalybica (Bergevin & Zanon 1922) also noun by the common name Cotton Jassid, in profile it look like an orthoptera, is an endopterygota, also known as holometabola, class insecta, on order of Hemiptera, family of Cicadellidae and subfamily of Typhlocybinae[29], [30], which includes according to [27]small sized insects.
americana was in the subgroup of Hemimetabola, and this subgroup was significantly different from the subgroup of Holometabola (Fig.
Second, one must make sure that fossils used in calibration of molecular dating studies are correctly assigned to lineages; Labandiera (this issue) discusses the extensive fossil record of Holometabola and how fossil taxa can be used to inform paleoecology.
Common hosts are larvae of Holometabola, although nymphs of Hemimetabola and adults of both Holometabola and Hemimetabola are also parasitized (Sharkey 1993).
Printed in an oversize (9x12") format, and illustrated with copious color plates of fossils and present day specimens, the text details the evolution of insects, with chapters on polyneoptera, paraneopteran orders, holometabola, coleoptera and strepsiptera, hymenoptera, panorpida, and amphiesmenoptera.
Kukalova-Peck 1991), Hymenoptera parece ser un grupo basal dentro de Holometabola, mucho mas antiguo que sus supuestos vecinos mecopteridos y anfiesmenopteros.
In complex life cycles, such as those of the Holometabola, selection operating on one phase of the life cycle may impinge on another, creating trade-offs that span life-stage boundaries.
Four fossil taxa of earliest Holometabola recently were identified based on a variety of determinative evidence and assigned to a stem-group or a basal lineage within a modem order.
Six fossils and each of two alternative maximum constraints on the age of Holometabola (separately applied) were used to calibrate the tree and date internal nodes, resulting in the most extensively taxon-sampled molecular timetree for beetles to date.