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Noun1.holy person - person of exceptional holinessholy person - person of exceptional holiness  
Buddha - one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment
fakeer, fakir, faqir, faquir - a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man
good person - a person who is good to other people
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a Cardinal, a Papal legate, offered to put on her stockings; a high and holy person like that looked on it as an honour
To these were joined several holy persons, as part of that assembly, under the title of bishops, whose peculiar business is to take care of religion, and of those who instruct the people therein.
The Catholic Church employs the word to distinguish the body or whatever remains of a holy person after death, as well as objects that had an actual contact with saint's body during his/her lifetime.
Relics are the material remains of a saint or holy person after death, as well as objects sanctified by contact with his or her body.
A statue or figurine does not become holy or sacred just because it bears the image of a holy person or saint or God.
We feel proud that a holy person like Mother Teresa spent most of her life in India and exemplified the "joy of giving"," said Mathew, who is also the secretary general of Indian Business and Professional Council, Dubai
This usually takes the form of the inexplicable healing of someone who is sick and prays to a holy person who has died to intercede with God for a cure.
A holy person conjures up a selfless Mother Teresa type.
When I am around a great person, a very charitable and holy person, I experience myself as having great value, because holy people pay attention to you as if they see in you a value of which you are unaware.
Indeed, many Catholics and members of other traditions believe that he was a holy person.