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Noun1.holy person - person of exceptional holinessholy person - person of exceptional holiness  
Buddha - one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment
fakeer, fakir, faqir, faquir - a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man
good person - a person who is good to other people
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a Cardinal, a Papal legate, offered to put on her stockings; a high and holy person like that looked on it as an honour
To these were joined several holy persons, as part of that assembly, under the title of bishops, whose peculiar business is to take care of religion, and of those who instruct the people therein.
This usually takes the form of the inexplicable healing of someone who is sick and prays to a holy person who has died to intercede with God for a cure.
Indeed, many Catholics and members of other traditions believe that he was a holy person.
Janice Connolly says of Tartuffe: "He's a holy person, a bit like a spiritual adviser that someone like Madonna might use.
When I am around a great person, a very charitable and holy person, I experience myself as having great value, because holy people pay attention to you as if they see in you a value of which you are unaware.
Fools Crow, the nephew of the visionary Black Elk, immortalized in John Neihardt's Black Elk Speaks, explained he was able to handle the selfsacrifice of being a holy person because he possessed "a clear self image.
In what way is he a mystic, a holy person, a master of spirituality?
I simply had to express my support and solidarity for a simple holy person I know following her obedience from Mother Elizabeth, the Abbess of St.
In view of the heavy rush of the people, authorities extended the deadline for the last EoACAydarshan' EoAC" the opportunity to see a holy person EoAC" from 6pm to 10pm.
A gorgeous untitled 2006 image of a man dressed in black monk's clothing standing alone amid bare trees succinctly captures the Thoreau-like transcendence of the individual amid nature, yet a troubling ambiguity lingers: Is this a holy person engaged in benign reverie, or something more pernicious?