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holy day

also ho·ly·day (hō′lē-dā′)
A day specified for religious observance.
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Our numbers are too few for the defence of every point, and the men complain that they can nowhere show themselves, but they are the mark for as many arrows as a parish-butt on a holyday even.
The practiced knights from Palestine made holyday sport of carving the awkward men-at- arms into chops and steaks.
Toronto City Councillors met on Wednesday, May 12, to vote on holiday and holyday shopping.
So, when somebody says "happy holiday" to you, just think "happy holyday," which is precisely what Christmas is.
Eighty-four per cent of the City's operating budget increases for the past 10 years have been driven by salary increases for essential emergency services and TTC personnel," said Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday, Chair of the City's Employee and Labour Relations Committee.
If tender opening day is a holyday or leave by the state government/local body the tenders will be received and opened on the next working day at the same time.
Similarly, close circuit cameras will be installed on all polling stations and a public holyday will be announced.
The interviews were conducted on board during the whole week (weekday, before a holyday, and holyday days) in a time slot between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM.
Actress Mandira Bedi launched Singapore Tourism Board's new marketing campaign "Singapore: The Holyday You Take Home with You" on 17 October in Mumbai.
Ontario's five new MPPs are Mitzie Hunter (LIB, Scarborough-Guildwood), previously a community activist and CEO of CivicAction; John Fraser (LIB, Ottawa South), previously a constituency assistant to former Premier McGuinty; Doug Holyday (PC, Etobicoke-Lakeshore), previously the deputy mayor of Toronto; Percy Hatfield (NDP, Windsor-Tecumseh), previously a Windsor city councilor and former broadcaster; and Peggy Sattler (NDP, London West), previously a London school board trustee and former chair.
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How they were linked is hinted at in a High Holyday piyyut, Vekhol Ma'aminim, written by Yannai in the sixth or seventh century, or possibly earlier.