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In this situation, a poll worker will first offer to redirect the voter to his or her assigned polling place, based on the voter's home address.
Police have previously received information that Helen was seen walking Boris, who is micro-chipped, near her home address on the afternoon of April 11.
In an earlier statement Kirklees Council explained that the original rates bill and a reminder were sent to the Northgate address in March and May and on June 15 the "office manager" - Clr Rowling - asked for all future correspondence to go to her home address.
The home address listed on a license, she said, was one of the "very consistent" pieces of identifying information over time.
According to The Sun, DaveMUFC19 was one of many fans who tweeted the player's home address before branding him a "c***", while another mocked at him saying, "Feel sorry for (him) now, everyone has his address.
It hasn't been found at Longwood Lane and it hasn't been found at her home address.
If you are attending post graduate or joint military training school, we will a dd your home address to the list while you are attending.
The office is also searching for relatives of David Graham, 62, whose body was found at his home address in Newlands Court, Askew Close, Wallasey, on December 24.
Flushing, is accused of changing the addresses of customers so that mail in connection with their policies could be sent to his home address in Queens.
Currently, the home address of every candidate is publicly available, making it easy to track down the details of the winner once they become an MP.
Officers fear Williams may return to his home address on Anfield Road.
Anyone can determine a registered nurse's name, license number, home address, and similar information.