home ec

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home ec

n. Informal
Home economics.

home′ ec′


n. Informal.
home economics.
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Noun1.home ec - theory and practice of homemakinghome ec - theory and practice of homemaking  
social science - the branch of science that studies society and the relationships of individual within a society
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That chorizo pizza you whipped up in Home Ec this morning.
She is the best cook in her home ec class," my mother said.
Before I knew it, my Home Ec pal Julia started screaming at me.
For instance, because it can't cook or sew, home ec was out.
I'm sure there are other places as well, but I went through Home Ec as a kid--back when girls had to--and I have a sort of clothes-sewing phobia, so I don't sew many clothing items.
Wenatchee; $31,000 for an interior remodel to the Home Ec classroom.
No surprise then that Home Ec was dumped, come subject option time, and Anna finished her time at Cardinal Wiseman cooking-lesson free - at school at least.
Also included in the plot are adventures in cooking in home ec class, his growing attraction to Vanessa in spite of her hips, and his mother's relationship with Sherman's grown-up mentor.
Laced with comedy but showcasing spot-on advice for safety in the kitchen, with the foods stored there, and with the meals prepared there, "Meals In Minutes: Kitchen & Food Safety" is a 19 minute DVD specifically designed to entertain and inform viewers from sixth grade Home Ec classes to young adults just starting their culinary careers as homemakers, to experienced adults in need of a refresher on food and kitchen safety.
Like dancing lessons in gym class and sewing lessons in home ec.
They didn't have home ec in the schools so they didn't learn how to sew.

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