home ec

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home ec

n. Informal
Home economics.

home′ ec′


n. Informal.
home economics.
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Noun1.home ec - theory and practice of homemakinghome ec - theory and practice of homemaking  
social science - the branch of science that studies society and the relationships of individual within a society
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Home ec, the field of study that taught the "management of the home and community," that prepared students for homemaking or professional careers by teaching such disciplines as nutrition, food preparation, parenting, early-childhood education, interior design and textiles, among other subjects.
The Useful Book: 201 Life Skills They Used to Teach in Home Ec and Shop lives up to its title as a how-to omnibus of basic techniques for cooking, sewing, laundry, home improvement, woodworking/metalworking, plumbing, electrical (such as how to install a dimmer) and more.
Profusely illustrated throughout, "Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science" would make an ideal textbook for elementary school Home Ec classes in grade 2 through 5.
Aiming to fill the educational gap left by all those home ec and shop classes no one takes anymore, this aptly named tome gathers a dizzying array of how-tos: everything from folding a fitted sheet to caulking a bathtub, making a household budget to building a table and 197 other skills, projects and repairs that, once mastered, should leave you feeling brilliantly self-sufficient.
SCOPE OF WORK: Includes new emergency exhaust and controls in chemistry lab; range hood exhaust systems in Home Ec Lab; replacement of non-rated partition for storage area; new exit door; and associated explosion proof electrical systems at one (1) school, Westside High School No.
Her campaign to take shop instead of Home Ec wins her unexpected allies in this luminous verse novel.
That chorizo pizza you whipped up in Home Ec this morning.
Before I knew it, my Home Ec pal Julia started screaming at me.
I think it took almost six years before we had a child so allergic to dust mites that our whole home ec division got wiped out in mid-semester.
For instance, because it can't cook or sew, home ec was out.
I'm sure there are other places as well, but I went through Home Ec as a kid--back when girls had to--and I have a sort of clothes-sewing phobia, so I don't sew many clothing items.
Wenatchee; $31,000 for an interior remodel to the Home Ec classroom.

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