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or home page  (hōm′pāj′)
1. The opening or main page of a website, intended chiefly to greet visitors and provide information about the site or its owner.
2. The first webpage that a web browser displays when the browser is opened.

home page



(Computer Science) computing (on a website) the main document relating to an individual or institution that provides introductory information about a website with links to the actual details of services or information provided

home′ page`

or home′page`,

n. Computers.
1. the initial page of a site on the World Wide Web.
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Noun1.home page - the opening page of a web site
web page, webpage - a document connected to the World Wide Web and viewable by anyone connected to the internet who has a web browser
domovská stránka
trang chủ

home page

صَفْحَةٌ رَئِيسِيَّة domovská stránka hjemmeside Homepage κεντρική σελίδα página de inicio kotisivu page d’accueil stranica pagina iniziale ホームページ 홈페이지 startpagina hjemmeside strona główna homepage, página inicial домашняя страница hemsida หน้าแรกของข่าวสารขององค์การหรือบุคคล açılış sayfası trang chủ 主页
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The home page prominently highlights UM's celebrity president (former U.
Also make sure that clicking on your community's name or logo always brings you back to the home page.
Other links on the home page lead to information about Russian activists working on nuclear problems.
Gaining a presence on the Internet's World Wide Web with your own home page a site analogous to a billboard on the information highway used to be an expensive and arduous task best left to a handful of programming experts.
They may be well organized and effective, but there are just too many links on the home page, making it look cluttered and a bit intimidating.
The home page for the National Conference of State Legislatures includes research and reporting on health care policy at the state and local levels.
The A-Station section--a student site--is given a slot on the home page.

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