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or home page  (hōm′pāj′)
1. The opening or main page of a website, intended chiefly to greet visitors and provide information about the site or its owner.
2. The first webpage that a web browser displays when the browser is opened.

home page



(Computer Science) computing (on a website) the main document relating to an individual or institution that provides introductory information about a website with links to the actual details of services or information provided

home′ page`

or home′page`,

n. Computers.
1. the initial page of a site on the World Wide Web.
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Noun1.home page - the opening page of a web site
web page, webpage - a document connected to the World Wide Web and viewable by anyone connected to the internet who has a web browser
domovská stránka
trang chủ

home page

صَفْحَةٌ رَئِيسِيَّة domovská stránka hjemmeside Homepage κεντρική σελίδα página de inicio kotisivu page d’accueil stranica pagina iniziale ホームページ 홈페이지 startpagina hjemmeside strona główna homepage, página inicial домашняя страница hemsida หน้าแรกของข่าวสารขององค์การหรือบุคคล açılış sayfası trang chủ 主页
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To have the ability to offer free home pages to our community, and give them a chance to personalize their own Internet experiences is an amazing service," said Brad Foxhoven, President and CEO of Eruptor.
com, a leading provider in the corporate market for outsourced home pages, announced today that it has been selected by PETsMART.
amp;uot;We are continually evolving home pages into a highly interactive, personalized, customer-oriented tool.
We have investigated and evaluated home pages of the top 100 University Websites selected by U.
Pacific Bell has introduced two significant upgrades to its consumer Internet dial-up service: personal home pages and a new series of local access numbers including a toll-free line for Santa Clarita.
Law enforcement agencies large and small, rural and metropolitan, have established home pages.
Web home pages let users display and view text, photos, diagrams, and charts.
As more and more cities and state leagues launched their own home pages, we felt it would be beneficial to create an easy way for local officials to find these valuable resources on the Internet," explained Executive Director Don Borut.
These home pages quickly became more than way stations for messages.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- Floathe Johnson announced today that it has placed its "home page" on the Internet World Wide Web and is creating multimedia home pages for clients.
Benefit from our large experience in designing effective home pages by understanding how easily and at lowest costs, you can turn your home page into an effective entry portal for your site visitors to let them start navigating immediately your site instead of loosing straightforward.
School notices sent home with children and daily classroom bulletins may soon just be a mouse click away for parents and students with the advent of school home pages on the World Wide Web.