homeless person

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Noun1.homeless person - someone unfortunate without housinghomeless person - someone unfortunate without housing; "a homeless was found murdered in Central Park"
homeless - poor people who unfortunately do not have a home to live in; "the homeless became a problem in the large cities"
unfortunate, unfortunate person - a person who suffers misfortune
bag lady - a homeless woman who carries all her possessions with her in shopping bags
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Besides, if I give money to the same homeless person every day, does that person then become officially a dependent of mine?
You had a home, you led a lifestyle that aped that of a genuine homeless person Judge Anthony Cross QC Fifteen minutes later, Brown was seen approaching another person, also described as a beggar, in Piccadilly Gardens.
Then, when a homeless person sees a person with a roof, they can check before asking for cash.
Another homeless person, Rakesh Kumar wrote:"We homeless people too contribute in the nation building.
Carrianne said: "With these donations I will be making up a winter box for each homeless person that comes in.
MAKE-UP free Paris Jackson was mistaken for a homeless person on the set of her debut movie.
Give warm clothes and blankets: One of the easiest ways to help a homeless person during the winter months is by donating clothes, shoes and blankets to people sleeping on the streets.
Just like every apartment owner doesn't have curlers in their hair, slippers and a cigarette, every homeless person doesn't have a "will work for food" sign.
A tip from a homeless person led investigators to a sleeping Dave Thomas McCann, 49, and he was taken into custody on suspicion of killing Tierney Cooper McCann, 36, and her mother Judith Cooper, 68.
They said they'd like to buy a slice of pizza for someone who couldn't afford it, a homeless person.
What I am trying to get people to understand is when they see a homeless person on the street or in a shelter or in an informal settlement.

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