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hom·ey 1

also hom·y  (hō′mē)
adj. hom·i·er, hom·i·est Informal
Having a feeling of home; comfortable; cozy.

hom′ey·ness n.

hom·ey 2

n. Slang
Variant of homie.


adj, homier or homiest
a variant spelling (esp US) of homy
informal NZ a British person
ˈhomeyness n


or hom•y

(ˈhoʊ mi)

adj. hom•i•er, hom•i•est.
comfortably informal; cozy: a homey inn.
[1850–55; home + -y1]
hom′ey•ness, hom′i•ness, n.


(ˈhoʊ mi)
n., pl. -eys.
Slang. homeboy.
[by shortening]
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Adj.1.homey - having a feeling of home; cozy and comfortable; "the homely everyday atmosphere"; "a homey little inn"
comfortable, comfy - providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief (`comfy' is informal); "comfortable clothes"; "comfortable suburban houses"; "made himself comfortable in an armchair"; "the antihistamine made her feel more comfortable"; "are you comfortable?"; "feeling comfy now?"


adjective (Chiefly U.S.) homely, comfortable, welcoming, domestic, friendly, familiar, cosy, comfy (informal), homespun, downhome (slang, chiefly U.S.), homelike a large, homey dining-room


[ˈhəʊmɪ] ADJ (homier (compar) (homiest (superl))) (US) → íntimo, cómodo


[ˈhəʊmi] (mainly US) adj (= cosy) [room, atmosphere, place] → simple et accueillant(e)


adj (+er) (US inf) → gemütlich; atmosphere alsoheimelig, behaglich
References in classic literature ?
It's the homiest spot I ever saw -- it's homier than home," avowed Philippa Gordon, looking about her with delighted eyes.
Accommodation rental websites have shifted traveller mindsets from wanting a standard hotel room to wanting a homier experience.
But instead of going for the typical (and sometimes, too dry) fried chicken, go for a homier, more Filipino version: the chicken barbecue.
29-31) Olinger and Homier (29) and Buford et al (32) suggest that the scalenes have the ability to ipsilaterally rotate the cervical spine and can be stretched with both ipsi and contralateral rotation.
Their cabinetry creations provided bookstores with attractive 'knock down' displays that gave large retail areas a warmer, homier feel and enhanced the buying experience.
A snow that'd make a homecoming homier, and natural enemies, friends, natural.
Vocal, visual, and performance artist Anna Homier and composer Steve Moshier have created a mysteriously beautiful album from another dimension.
His practice converted an exam room into a consultation room, making it homier with a throw rug, soft chairs, a painted wall, and office decor.
And so Twitter often feels homier than hanging out with people who aren't following the election.
Rather than having a sterile, cold clinical area for patients to spend their first few nights in residence, Sabino provides a homier space.
Women tend to prefer doing business in welcoming, homier surroundings, says Kingsbury.
Just two doors up the village's main drag, Laneda Avenue, from the ambitious newcomer Blackbird, chef Lynne Hopper opened her homier Neah-KahNie Bistro nine months earlier.