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Free, like a homing pigeon, he headed blindly and directly for the beach and the salt sea over which had floated the Arangi, on her deck Skipper in command.
The man could not explain how, like a homing pigeon, he had found his way to his own old mess again.
Straight as homing pigeons, the two made their way toward the ruin and desolation that had once been the center of their happy lives, and which was soon to be restored by the willing black hands of laughing laborers, made happy again by the return of the master and mistress whom they had mourned as dead.
Don't be concerned - if your homing pigeon doesn't come back, all you've lost is a pigeon.
The homing pigeon is considered the 'best' of its kind and the price of a single pigeon may reach more than SR100,000 ($26,666).
3 OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT (MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS) (NI) ORDER 1985 Take notice that application dated 25-08-2017 was made for a 7 Day Annual Entertainments Licence for WEST BELFAST HOMING PIGEON SOCIETY, 19 Bootle Street, Belfast BT13 3GQ permitting: A theatrical performance; Dancing, singing or music or any entertainment of a like kind; Any public contest, display etc.
html) Homing Pigeon ,"to refer to in-flight surveilling programs involving telephone calls.
Pit Stop He sat on the wall, staring down at me, An appealing look in his eyes I could see, A ring on his leg I noticed straight away, A homing pigeon had come our way.
He had a passion for racing pigeons and was a longtime member of The Worcester Homing Pigeon and CMC Club in Springfield.
Ex-juvenile offender Shaun Andrew McKerry, dubbed Boomerang Boy or Homing Pigeon Boy in his youth, picked the wrong target when he burst into Shildon Post Office and Stores at 8pm on March 15.
Recently, a Christian woman in Maine told me that I am like a homing pigeon, and that even after many years away I will know how to fly back to my home in Israel.
Now the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union Society is demanding a change in the law so members can take measures to protect their birds from hawks.