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 (hō′mō-ĭ-rŏt′ĭ-sĭz′əm) also ho·mo·er·o·tism (-ĕr′ə-tĭz′əm)
The quality of being homoerotic or being represented as homoerotic.


(ˌhəʊməʊɪˈrɒtɪˌsɪzəm) or


(Psychology) eroticism centred on or aroused by persons of one's own sex


(ˌhoʊ moʊ ɪˈrɒt əˌsɪz əm)

also ho•mo•er•o•tism

(-ˈɛr əˌtɪz əm)

a tendency to be sexually aroused by a member of the same sex.
ho`mo•e•rot′ic (-ɪk) adj.

homoeroticism, homoerotism

1. the tendency to obtain sexual gratification from a member of the same sex.
2. homosexual activity. — homoerotic, adj.
See also: Homosexuality
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Noun1.homoeroticism - a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the same sex
sex, sex activity, sexual activity, sexual practice - activities associated with sexual intercourse; "they had sex in the back seat"
sexual inversion, inversion - a term formerly used to mean taking on the gender role of the opposite sex
lesbianism, sapphism - female homosexuality
paederasty, pederasty - sexual relations between a man and a boy (usually anal intercourse with the boy as a passive partner)


[ˌhəʊməʊɪˈrɒtɪsɪzəm] nhomoérotisme m
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This is surprising since previous to this opera the representation of male homoeroticism was negligible on the operatic stage.
So after all this homoeroticism, do you think the beans had miraculous properties?
While digging into his back story, Solomon offers sensitive close readings of some of his well-known works that smack of homoeroticism but have been cherished (and sanitized) for their depiction of all-American values.
Mutsuo Takahashi is one of the most prominent contemporary Japanese poets to have thematized homoeroticism.
She is but a figment of sixteenth-century imagination, a fiction designed to camouflage the homoeroticism of the story and to make it palatable to heterosexual readers.
The shift from the blinkering of the social gaze on female homoeroticism to the shuttering of female homoeroticism against a censorious social gaze occurred later and more gradually in Ireland than in many other parts of western Europe.
The Greek camp develops into a dazzling display of homoeroticism, with a tender bond between a muscular and scantily clad Achilles and a gold-stiletto wearing Patroclus.
The homoeroticism the directors have drawn out of the novel is blunt, too - to its detriment.
From the original books to the current films starring Robert Downey Jr, some people have perceived there to be an underlying tone of homoeroticism.
With the talented bits of Boyzone now dead or apparently straight, Oirish exports of stubble homoeroticism are at an all-time low.
Mehmet's interests in Italy, the humanists' homoeroticism, or Platina's philosophical prison correspondence wind around a historical point of no real significance.
Some queer theorists have been accused of finding homoeroticism under every rock, and I wonder if Bowen's Christian interpretation similarly goes too far in reading, say, Lively and her protagonist in Moon Tiger as "return[ing] to God" and Winterson's prose as "shot through with the trace of the incommensurable, of the Other, even perhaps with what Levinas would call the 'God in passing'" (119).