homogenized milk

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Noun1.homogenized milk - milk with the fat particles broken up and dispersed uniformly so the cream will not rise
milk - a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings
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Technological innovations and improvements in the production process and efficiency gains have enabled dairy producers worldwide to cater to the increasing needs of customer in different forms like condensed milk, homogenized milk, buttermilk, cheese, casein, yogurt, gelato, and ice creams, while maintaining the quality standards at the same time.
If, for instance, we examine a bottle of homogenized milk, we see that there are no lumps of fat circulating in the milk nor resting on top.
In the experiments, Queso Fresco was made with pasteurized, homogenized milk, lactic acid bacterial starter culture, chymosin and flake salt.
In the meantime, I'm perfectly happy with the pasteurized, homogenized milk that I buy at the supermarket.