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 (hə-mŏj′ə-nē, hō-)
n. pl. ho·mog·e·nies
Similarity of structure between organs or parts, possibly of dissimilar function, that are related by common descent.

[Greek homogeneia, community of origin, from homogenēs, of the same race, family, kind; see homogeneous.]


(Biology) biology similarity in structure of individuals or parts because of common ancestry
[C19: from Greek homogeneia community of origin, from homogenēs of the same kind]
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Noun1.homogeny - (biology) similarity because of common evolution
similarity - the quality of being similar
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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The results of table 1 show that error variance in all dependent variables in independent variable level is homogeny and we can use the method of multivariate analysis of covariance to assess this question.
Cognitonics is a new science which looks at ways to reconcile human socio-spiritual development with increasingly rapid human intellectual development in the new context of technological advances and increased cultural homogeny.
While there may be some homogeny in pet-care providers, truth is, if you aren't seeing someone who has experience with sporting breeds, you're making a mistake.
Within the context of the Boka Kotorska, vernacular technologies and traditions should be viewed as a culturally inclusive element in the resilient development of the region and not as an architecturally deterministic antidote to global homogeny.
With Airbus heavily sold out on the A320neo family, it looks likely that flydubai will stick with the homogeny of the Boeing 737 family and select the 737MAX for its future long term expansion needs.
On top of verifying accounts and pages and changing their "subscribe" button to "follow," Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has once against taken a Twitter-cue and begun to integrate the hashtag, bringing us one step closer to Internet homogeny and Skynet.
Art and music are outlets that manifest differently for every individual which provide a perfect antidote for the frustrations of homogeny.
marriage) between African and European that relegates the Black woman to the role of mistress, perpetuating the colonial idea of racial homogeny as official and miscegenation as unofficial, or irregular, and hence, discouraged.
The standardizations of meaning and experience Herko and the artists bring produce the expected outcome: a (racialized) homogeny of personhood.
Apart from its natural riches, "the GCC, in my personal opinion, has the best chance to be a role model for other Arab countries, because of the homogeny in their structure and closeness to each other," he said.
Playing by sight doesn't solve this issue since the repetitive musical patterns have a strong visual homogeny on the page that can prove challenging to follow without stumbling.
Nothing breaks the homogeny of their daily routine, including the ravaging storms outside.