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 (hŏm′ə-nĭm′, hō′mə-)
1. One of two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ in meaning, such as bank (embankment) and bank (place where money is kept).
a. A word used to designate several different things.
b. A namesake.
3. Biology A taxonomic name identical to one previously applied to a different species or other taxon and therefore unacceptable in its new use.

[Latin homōnymum, from Greek homōnumon, from neuter of homōnumos, homonymous; see homonymous.]

hom′o·nym′ic adj.
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Adj.1.homonymic - of or related to or being homonyms
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1979 "A case of homonymic clash in Germanic", Indogermanische Forschungen 84: 226-236.
The starting point of the following brief observations is the view of homonymic clash discussed in Lass (1980: 75ff.
Among them are a set of vermillion plates holding four objects representing, by dint of homonymic, morphological, or metaphorical associations, longevity [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], fate [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], wealth [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and status [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: noodles [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], sweets [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], wheat gluten [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and longan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
However, this also means that when searching for a particular chemical among tens of thousands of consumer product ingredient lists, all the PubChem or UMLS synonyms associated with that chemical plus the synonyms associated with its homonymic CIDs or CUIs are available for possible matching.
A multiple-object directive with the same name of the element in M is used to declare that the category of JavaScript objects defined by the homonymic element in M is disabled.
True to its homonymic title, it is no less an exercise in New England regionalism than it is an exploration of the state of being of the personages that populate it.
But it may be that the Mesopotamian scribe achieved this etymographical interpretation without the need of the intervening homonymic reading (hi = GAN).
The certainty of identity is not only questioned but, as the homonymic reference to the Heideggerian word aletheia suggests, it is hidden.
As with his punning use of "charges," Dickens's point in jamming multiple senses of "battery" into a single blue bag could not be clearer: the connection between a pile of papers, a bloody fight between unequal opponents, a cache of loaded weapons, and the unjust application of legal force exceeds the homonymic to the point of approaching equivalence.
arises, it can create what scholars call homonymic tension or semantic
The word sonoma itself, with its homonymic echo of somnambulance, electrifies meaning in poems that bookend the collection.
1) Here, a playful tweak on Cartesian philosophy shifts the emphasis from rational to animal in the construction of the human as the quintessential rational animal, while the homonymic pun on etre/suivre displaces ontology in favour of temporality and contingency (p.