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 (hō-mŏn′ə-məs, hə-)
1. Having the same name.
2. Of the nature of a homonym; homonymic.

[From Latin homōnymus, from Greek homōnumos : homo-, homo- + onuma, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]

ho·mon′y·mous·ly adv.


(Linguistics) in a homonymous manner
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Further, a nearby strip of photographs (dating from 1977), homonymously titled and seamlessly mounted on a horizontal, ground--featuring a sun, a crystal ring worn on an anonymous hand, and a spectral curtain--suggests that the viewer, standing between light and curtain, is a prism through which the illumination of any work must filter to make sense.
I then examine the relationship of this phrase to his homonyms, to significata having the same "name" that are "related to one and the same thing," and to "is said homonymously.
And when a thing cannot do so it is only homonymously what it is, for instance a dead eye or one made of stone.