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1. Gay or lesbian.
2. Actively concerned with the rights of gay men or lesbians.

ho′mo·phile′ n.


(ˈhəʊməˌfaɪl; ˈhɒm-)
(Psychology) a rare word for homosexual


(ˈhoʊ məˌfaɪl)

1. a homosexual.
2. advocating the rights and welfare of homosexuals.
[1955–60; homo- + -phile]
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Noun1.homophile - someone who practices homosexualityhomophile - someone who practices homosexuality; having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
gay man, shirtlifter - a homosexual man
gay woman, lesbian, tribade - a female homosexual
Adj.1.homophile - homosexual or arousing homosexual desires
homosexual - sexually attracted to members of your own sex


Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to members of one's own sex:
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37) Charles Curran, "Dialogue with the Homophile Movement," Catholic Moral Theology in Dialogue (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame, 1976) 184-219.
In Chapter Twelve the revelation that early homophile organizations were often divided between those who continued to see scientific studies as the source of homosexual liberation and those who did not is illuminating (some homophiles likened George Henry, an outspoken advocate for a more compassionate but pathological view of homosexuals, to a "well-meaning lyncher"[p.
Kay Lahusen, who worked in the pre-Stonewall homophile movement and labored to have the American Psychiatric Association remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders, remembers how some activists in the 1970s constantly tried "to make the good case for how great it would be under socialism and how our cause was really an economic cause.
Kennedy and Davis conclude that consciousness, formed in the public space they fought for in the bars, rather than that of the more closeted middle-class lesbians who restricted their socializing to far safer but more isolated domesticated spaces, made possible the development of the homophile, gay liberation and lesbian feminist movements of the late 60s and 70s.
Ironically, only after Rudolf's death does he learn that this inveterate homophile has had a wife and son.
As Bredbeck noted, gay liberation began out of opposition to the conservative homophile organizations, which wanted equality within the system.
When the church ordains practicing gays, it "proclaims homophile sex as an acceptable lifestyle," the lawyer said
Come to think of it, I don't recall white rock 'n' roll as ever having been exactly homophile.
The first homophile marches (as they were then called) started in 1965, before Stonewall, when the pioneering Mattachine Society (a gay men's group) and Daughters of Bilitis (a lesbian group) bused twenty or thirty or seventy people to Independence Hall and the White House every Fourth of July, picketing against discrimination in Federal employment.
Its meetings and large social gatherings appear not to have been matched in attendance until this present year (1965) by a few social events staged in San Francisco as the joint effort of several homophile organizations in that city.
begin strikethrough]Newspaper of America's Homophile Community[end strikethrough] 1967
This exhibition examines hidden treasures from the ONE Archives art and archival collections and features a range previously "unseen" holdings including paintings, drawings, photos, videos, fanzines, protest placards, periodicals, buttons and banners that date back to early homophile culture, as well as FBI files on blacklisted artists.