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Having flowers with styles of uniform length, usually equal to that of the stamens.

ho′mo·styled′ adj.
ho′mo·sty′ly n.
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Adj.1.homostylous - (botany) having styles all of the same length
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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homostylous, presumably distylous, stamens and pistil sub- pin-like equal in length CALYX LOBES Adjacent lobes conti- Adjacent lobes free, lobe IN BUD guous, lobe tips conco- tips free, red, not lorous, interlobe sinus contiguous, with interlobe absent when petals sinus obtriangular; imbricate, unopen; never hirsute or so on veins hirsute CALYX LOBES Lanceolate, broadly Triangular-acuminate IN FLOWER linear, the apex acute nearly obtuse CALYX LOBES Non-areolate between Areolate between costal IN FRUIT costal veins Obovate with veins Unguiculate base widely cuneate 0.
Species of Didymaea are characterized by their procumbent or climbing stems, opposite leaves with ovate, oblong-ovate, lanceolate, elliptic, or rarely linear blades, small, shallowly to deeply bilobed or geminate interpetiolar stipules, axillary inflorescences with small, bisexual homostylous flowers with calyces reduced or absent, small, white to purple corollas with short tubes and 4-valvate lobes, 4 stamens with dorsifixed anthers, 2-locular ovaries with one axillary ovule per locule, and black, drupaceous fruits that are dimidiate and deeply bisulcate or sometimes subglobose.
Self-incompatible homostylous form of buckwheat with short floral organs.
on the development of various floral morphs in Amsinckia spectabilis (Boraginaceae) also indicate that both paedomorphic and peramorphic ontogenies are involved in the derivation of small homostylous flowers from their putative ancestor; namely, populations having large distylous flowers (see section IX.
The genus Houstonia includes an array of homostylous, distylous, short-styled (presumably self-compatible) and even cleistogamous species (Lewis, 1962), so it seemed important to test for heteromorphic self-incompatibility in our species.
1989) and the geographical distribution of heterostylous and homostylous forms in Amsinckia spectabilis (Ganders 1975).
Waltheria carmensarae, a homostylous species from northeastern Argentina, southeastern Paraguay, and central Venezuela, and W.
The main difference between the species is that the former is heterostylous and the latter homostylous.
Less is known about the mating system of the homostylous species, though these taxa often have flowers of reduced size, and they generally self-pollinate spontaneously.
Quantitative genetics of floral characters of homostylous Turnera ulmifolia var.
Ornduff 1972; Ganders 1979), who have assumed that homostylous species are derived from heterostylous ancestors through loss of floral morphs and selection for self-fertilization.