hone down

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w>hone down

vt sep (fig)(zurecht)feilen (→ to auf +acc)
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Use these tips to hone down and choose the right 3-5 goals that will have you feeling like you hit it out of the park where it really matters.
We had to have all those ideas out there in order to condense and pinpoint exactly what it was, to hone down the essence of the drama of the characters.
With such a large proportion of the population at risk, the challenge is identifying which individuals we need to hone down on.
Hundreds of nominations have been received with challenges taking place in each country to help hone down the hopeful into the final team.
There certainly will be nothing happening in the short term, but the sub-committee will hone down the issues and will report back in due course.
If light hammer taps won't drive the legs together, hone down the tight spots with a file.
This is when you hone down the work and make it more precise.
We would then be able to proceed to the next phase of the trial to hone down the exact amount of this substance and for whom it would be beneficial.
Rather than trying to hone down her hips, "J-Lo" has become an ambassador for big-bottomed women.
Black and white, if properly used, can hone down a picture to its essence by abstracting reality, often relying on the imagination of the viewer to fill in the details.