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Noun1.honey bun - rolled dough spread with sugar and nuts then sliced and baked in muffin tins with honey or sugar and butter in the bottomhoney bun - rolled dough spread with sugar and nuts then sliced and baked in muffin tins with honey or sugar and butter in the bottom
coffee roll, sweet roll - any of numerous yeast-raised sweet rolls with our without raisins or nuts or spices or a glaze
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As a diner waitress named Jenna, Mueller is such a honey bun she melts us like the mounds of butter that make Jenna's homemade pies so luscious.
Fresh from their success on Britain's Got Talent, Honey Bun front women Corrin Casini with killer vocals will use her menacing chords in the role Maleficent and fellow Honey Bun and West End singer Sasha Latoya will join the cast as the beautiful Honey Bun Fairy.
Among the songs popularized by South Pacific are Some Enchanted Evening, I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outa My Hair, I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy, Honey Bun and Bali Ha'i-the name of the mysterious and enchanted island that intrigues the GIs.
Ferns, chillingly remembered as evil Trevor from EastEnders, was a revelation - a whirlwind of physicality and playfulness especially when dragged up in a blonde wig, grass skirt and coconut-shell bra as he delightfully aped his way through show highlight Honey Bun.
Damion is always keen to explore new products and is experimenting with a brioche-like custardfilled honey bun when I pop in.
Among the companies that exhibited products were Continental Baking Company Limited, Tijule Limited, Honey Bun Limited, Sue Tru Caribbean Manufacturing & Distribution Company Limited, Trade Winds Citrus and Blue Mountain Flame.
Honey Bun scented with caramelised honey and skin soothing aloe vera, pounds 1.
The shortening explains how an Original Glazed Doughnut has 3 grams of saturated fat plus 3 1/2 grams of trans fat, a Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled Doughnut has 5 grams of sat plus 5 grams of trans, and a (310-calorie) Honey Bun packs 5 grams of sat plus 7 grams of trans.
Honey bun, you sound like one hell of a catch and I, for one, think it would be an enormous disservice to the dyke community at large to deprive us of your romantic and sexual capacities.
Products included Buccaneer Rum Cakes from Honey Bun, distributed in the UK by Jahzee Products, and Ruth's Mango Sauces, a blend of Jamaican mangoes, scotch bonnet peppers, ginger and spices.
1970 Valentine's Day Snow did lay Jan, the lady in my life Became my wife All was well till '97 Then Jan went to Heaven A whirlwind then hit my life Became my second wife Regained a life with fun To win shows how much I love my honey bun.