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Any of various birds of the family Meliphagidae of Australia and adjacent regions, having an extensible brushlike tongue used for sucking nectar from flowers.
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Hummingbirds were the most common target, but mantises also went after warblers, sunbirds, honeyeaters, flycatchers, vireos and European robins.
One of the twenty bird species targeted under the Turnbull Governments Threatened Species Strategy, this will be the largest release of Regent Honeyeaters to date in Australia.
Gang-gang Cockatoos were coming in to feed on our crab-apple berries and the now rare Regent Honeyeaters were nesting in the trees there.
Paying attention to the weather or climate is not the same as paying attention to the habits of echidnas or honeyeaters.
The birds and mammals were a reminder of mainland Australia with kookaburras, New Holland honeyeaters and black-faced cuckooshrikes being the most noticeable.
Pollination syndrome was coded as having 4 character states [bird (includes hummingbirds, sunbirds, and honeyeaters, all conferring similar floral characters with little overlap in biogeographic distribution), insect (includes bee, beetle, fly, moth) bat and, non-flying mammal] or 8 character states [bee, beetle, bat, moth, honeyeaters, sunbirds, hummingbirds and non-flying mammal].
I will check the massive ant 'cities' that Tim so admires; I will lament still more trees that have died or are dying in the drought; I will see geckoes and skinks, wolf spiders and redbacks; I might see a black-headed monitor or a bobtail; I will see red-capped robins, thornbills, weebills, silver-eyes, butcher birds, magpies, twenty-eight parrots, crows, maybe pink and grey galahs, certainly willy wagtails, flyeaters, honeyeaters, and golden whistlers.
Told stories and brought abandoned nests from introduced blackbirds (Turdusmerula), new holland honeyeaters (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae), noisy miners living at or near their homes or the homes of relatives.
Then he begins a series of flawless imitations of many of the other birds that share his home--satin bowerbirds, rosella parrots, yellow honeyeaters, kookaburras.
From the healthy birds trapped in Australia, non-lactose-fermenting bacteria were isolated from 4 (18%) of 22 magpies (Gymnorhina tibicen), 1 (10%) of 10 honeyeaters (Melithreptus brevirostris), 1 (3%) of 38 wrens (Malurus cyaneus), 1 (7%) of 15 fantails (Rhipidura fulginosa), and 2 (22%) of 9 chickens.
To date, scientists have uncovered fossilized bones of an extinct hawk (first time reported as a fossil on O'ahu), a long-legged owl, Hawaiian sea eagle, petrel, two species of crow, Hawaiian finches, Hawaiian honeyeaters, and the moa nalo (a turkey-sized, flightless gooselike duck- the largest native Hawaiian bird).
A chorus of kookaburras, butcher birds and blue-faced honeyeaters awoke us ahead of our trip to see one of the world's top rock art areas.