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May I venture to suggest in ` a honeymoon paradise' that five o'clock is the dinner hour at your hotel?
Thus, then, in our hearts' honeymoon, lay I and Queequeg --a cosy, loving pair.
Now Charlie had got leave from college, and had gone away in his automobile on the next best thing to a honeymoon.
The married couple were enjoying their honeymoon, and entertaining a brilliant circle of friends in their splendid villa, near Lake Pontchartrain, when, one day, a letter was brought to him in that well-remembered writing.
Diana announced that she would just give me time to get over the honeymoon, and then she would come and see me.
Then there was the other responsibility -- perhaps the heavier of the two -- the responsibility of deciding where he was to go and spend his honeymoon to-morrow.
they have gone off to spend their honeymoon, and Margaret has written to me twice to say how happy they are together in the Hesperides.
Men are not willing to give up their whole existence to their wives, even during the honeymoon.
No couple were ever so happy; but before their honeymoon was over they were forced to part, for the King had to go on a warlike expedition to a far country, and leave his young wife alone at home.
I scrutinized the faces of the two bridegrooms, and saw but little probability of their leaving the bosom of earthly bliss, in the first week of the honeymoon and at the frosty hour of three, to climb above the clouds; nor when I felt how sharp the wind was as it rushed through a broken pane and eddied between the chinks of my unplastered chamber, did I anticipate much alacrity on my own part, though we were to seek for the 'Great Carbuncle.
Owing to these extempore measures, I not only gave my bride credit for certain perfections which have not as yet come to light, but also overlooked a few trifling defects, which, however, glimmered on my perception long before the close of the honeymoon.
Salton, "it is quite time you young people departed for that honeymoon of yours