hooded cloak

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Noun1.hooded cloak - a long cloak with a hood that can be pulled over the headhooded cloak - a long cloak with a hood that can be pulled over the head
cloak - a loose outer garment
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She wore a moss-coloured velvet jerkin with cinnamon sleeves, slim, brown, cross-gartered hose, a dainty little green cap with a hawk's feather caught in a jewel, and a hooded cloak lined with dull red.
Runrio also presented YesPinoy Foundation with a P500,000 donation with hopes of providing hooded cloak backpacks with emergency kits and learner materials to young people in public schools mostly devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.
On film, a figure, face obscured by a hooded cloak, walked through woodland towards the blue police box in which the Doctor travels.
For a start the Aviva Premiership clubs, already standing over the Lions in a hooded cloak and brandishing a scythe, would baulk at making their players available for a match outside of the official World Rugby Test window.
The delivery includes the following types and amounts of personal and collective protectors - Helmets - White (15 pieces), blue (165 pieces), red (23 pieces); - Ear - 139 number sets; - Half mask with one socket - 78 pieces with gas filter (39 pieces) and particulate filter (39 pieces); - Respiratory mask with valve - 462 units; - Hooded cloak -484 units; - Boots - 494 pairs; - A safety strip of polyethylene - 30 rolls of 500 m estimated value of the contract in separate lots as follows: Lot ?
I felt I was walking about with the Grim Reaper's hooded cloak on and carrying his scythe.
Mr Osborne, on the other hand, is a Grim Reaper complete with black hooded cloak and scythe.
Maybe she's watching an episode of Casualty, or perhaps a cartoon character in a black hooded cloak, wielding a scythe, is scuttling across the screen.
Disguises are assumed and cast off, false identities are adopted and tossed aside, and anyone wearing a hooded cloak finds an excuse to fling it off with a flourish.
For her trip to Paris, she put on a red hooded cloak, which immediately connected her to Little Red Riding Hood.
Samantha showed no emotion during the trial, and caused a media frenzy by turning up to court each day draped in a hooded cloak, and even masks.